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Your Life is Calling

by Rev. Dr. Michael Evans, D.Th.
Angel Therapy Practitioner® -- Grief Recovery Coach

To all the brilliant creators of this world, your life is calling.  The physical life you chose to come carve out for yourself is answering your call.  The people, places, and events that you have yet to rendezvous with are waiting for you to meet up with them.  The dreams of places you visualize, the people you have formed in your creative imaginations, and the moments that bring all of you together are anticipating your arrival.  And by this calling, we mean, the life that you feel in every moment of every day whose inspiration draws you out of those discordant moments, whose gravity in the form of interest pulls you toward an idea with vivid clarity, and where the manifestation of your heart’s desires always holds for you.  Everything you have ever wanted is so close to you that the joy in the tiniest of understandings from a simple conversation, or a brief exchange of smiles brings you forward to meet up with the experience of having whatever it is you desire; and we say to you, get ready for your best adventure yet, because you are always planning something more, better, and far reaching than you ever have before.  The momentum to experience this physical life was building even before you were born.  And because you built this momentum from non-physical perspective in the form of excitement, enthusiasm, and sheer joy in the wanting to feel what it would be like in the having of it, your life will always call to you.  It calls to you because you set the attraction in motion when you decided to set off on this, your remarkable journey of sifting and sorting what makes you feel good from many experiences that often times are not so pleasant.  From our vantage, it is an interesting and often times contradictory existence for you to be certain, but only because you in the physical sense often confuse efforting your way to what it is you want instead of allowing what is already available.  And we want to remind everyone that you are the most spectacular of thinkers, and doers, and feelers, and makers of your own choosing and that your life is calling you.  Your innate instinctual guided self is always calling to you.  It never forgets you.  It is part of you.  It whispers to you with impulses that feel good to do this thing or that, and when you resonate with how that message touches you and decide to move in that direction, you are always pleased with the outcome. It need not matter what tools, what words, what method allows all of that potential to flow through you.  It just matters that you allow it to flow.  We know many that are right here in this room with us that live and share and express what feels good based on a reality they have chosen to live by because that is their intuitive guided perspective whispering to them, and they choose to follow it.  We feel so good about what everyone is doing, however they are doing it, because it is what attracts us to them.  Individual perspective from experiencing life is how we come together and form interests that lead to greater understanding, which in turn leads to new levels of awareness!! And we are here to say to you, that your life is right here calling to you.  And as you live this one of a kind remarkable life that flows from you based on a reality of your choosing, we say to you, do not look back and diminish the experiences that have brought you to the forefront of experiencing such a great life.  Look back with appreciation in knowing that all that you have experienced has allowed you to become the person you are and feel the soothing and gentleness in those thoughts. We would say that at this juncture of your lives with all you have experienced over eons that you are as vital and resilient as ever before.  The importance now is do you remember that your life is calling you?  We promise you the best existence possible when you feel from experiencing all that calls you.  We encourage you follow the impulsive moments you feel and appreciate who you are and what it is you want.  This is a brave start that we promise you is life changing.  Your evolution as a species and your evolvement as spirit are dependent on so many experiences that promise to bring you everything you desire, as long as you follow those whispers of encouragement that assist you in finding your direction.

We say to you again, your life is calling.  The life you decided from non-physical, pure Source spirit to come forth into has already amassed for you everything that you desire.  The life you desired and came to experience is right here for you.  The life you came to carve out for yourself is whispering to you and leaving you clues to come experience the feeling of it.  There is great love and appreciation here for you. - Michael (Jacob)

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